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Friday, July 31, 2015

July Update

Well silly Mr Haven managed to break another rib, so he has had a rather quiet month of July - no digging allowed.

But, Ali has pretty much completed From Wood to Sky, I would guess there is about 20m of track to build and then the usual method of going back and tidying up and then seasoning. With luck this track will also be ready to open with the other new tracks in Spring. Exciting stuff!!

Enjoy some pictures and soak in the hard work that Ali has put into this super fun track.

We still have a heap of new tracks to build and lots of planting and other crazy ideas.

We are still open over winter, except with the weather is not playing ball, you can always tell if we are open on our website.

See you out on the trails.
Mr Haven

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

June Update

Another month has zoomed by and lots of work has been completed.

The Muur has had it's finishing touches completed and is seasoning for Winter in preparation for a Spring re-opening.

The Climb aka AliTrack has had a few corners touched up and a bit of work done and is still open for riding.

The Gold Valley Challenge has been finished and is seasoning for Winter in preparation for a Spring re-opening.

The Longest Cut has had both ends connected by Scott and his Little Yellow Digger from T5 Contracting, there is still a bit of finsihing work to be done but this should be open by Spring.

The Zephyr is seasoning well and we should be opening it soon, we just need to finish the two bridges.

Eagles Nest has had the berms reworked and finished and will be riding and rolling well soon.

I hope to be able to cut down the pesky pine that is blocking AYUNC Track soon.

The rest of the tracks are looking and riding well, we will get in and spray the remaining tracks soon so that spring growth will be well under control.

Ali is working hard on his new track From Wood to Sky and I wouldn't be surprised if this is finished by Spring also, he has a few more tracks in his repertoire as well!

We will be planting a whole bunch of natives on the Eagles Nest in the next month or so.

Come out and lend a hand or just check out the trails.

And a few piccys from the work on the Longest Cut


May your wheels remain ever true
Mr Haven