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Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's it all about then?

Haven Mountain Bike Park is a not for profit boutique intermediate level cycling destination nestled in Banks Peninsula, Christchurch.

In the eight years of its conception, just over 21 kilometres of track have been built, either by hand or with small diggers. And there is a heap more planned too!

In hand with the trail building we are regenerating the land, with over 3,000 natives planted to date, this is supplementing the existing regeneration of natives, and the explosion of native birds has been awesome to watch.

We have worked hard at making the tracks accessible for new people to the sport and have a lot of fun features, our big beautiful berms are a feature and a significant point of difference.

Access is via membership of the McQueens Valley Mountain Bike Club, we have charitable status and completely not for profit. Membership is $15 for a year’s access, $20 for a family.

You are welcome to try before you buy.

Community Groups and Schools can use the park at no cost.

The Club has monthly Dig Days on the second Saturday,  come and help us build the trails. 
Help out at 2 Dig Days and membership is FREE!

If you find the Port Hills too hard and McLeans Island too easy, we’re the place for you.
 Experienced people can also enjoy the tracks, there are hidden features and they just go faster!!!

We want you to come on out and try us over Summer - long days mean plenty of time to ride and it's a blast to ride Haven at Night! Spread the word, we want new tyre tracks on our trails!

May your wheels remain forever true.
Mr Haven.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Spring Update

Sorry I have had a lot on to update the page monthly but be assured that there has been a heap of work and fun going on at Haven!

We are having new visitors every week which is awesome, keep spreading the word, if you haven't been for a while you will be taken aback with the growth - both in the amount of tracks and also how big the trees are!

We've had another big visit by a school for their end of year outdoor camp experience - it's been great to be able to provide a venue that works for everyone and it's super to see lots of ride lines on and off the track!

The Muur and AliTrack are both riding in nicely - come out and try them out. AliTrack is freshly signposted so you can't miss out on the Climb. 

Lots of work has been put into the the trail corridor and fighting back spring growth to allow for a nice summer of riding without long grass, onga onga, thistles and other nasties.

We had a visit from some Rock Hounds from far and near and they may have found some items of interest! We've had a number pop round hunting for agates for a year or so now, they help us shape and move some of the harder rock formations so you can ride without knowing!

Ali is making huge progress on his new tracks - The Gold Valley Challenge - which is another track from top to bottom and it will be under canopy the whole way which is exciting. It will have less corners than AliTrack and progress is going great guns thanks to the extra hands, easier digging and our previous experiences!

We have plans to get the Digger out again soon to finish a few projects that we on the go as well. It's going to be an amazing year for Haven in 2015!

The rest of the tracks are riding well, a few overgrown areas that will be dealt with shortly - help us out by coming out and riding! We have an amazing sheltered picnic area in the Skills Area.

You may have noted that the weather station isn't working, just a technical glitch that thus far has not being resolved easily, we are trying another couple of things but failing that it's a new weather station! Because the weather station isn't broadcasting, the webcam is out as well, so you'll have to trust us! Typically the weather is always better than Christchurch (except when it's not!) and we are out of most winds!

Thanks for the support over the year, we've got the last official Dig Day of the year this coming Saturday, come out and lend a hand, relax or have fun on the bike!

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Dig Day

A beautiful springs day dawned at our most recent dig day.

With old members and new, we got stuck into the new Traverse Track, there was fair amount of bush bashing, rock breaking with equal parts elbow grease and swearing. As usual with perseverance and a lot of hard work, we transformed the seemingly impossible into a track that will in time bed in and season and become another awesome feature.

A case in point is that we have discovered a pretty big obstacle in the shape of a car sized rock, which is a bit of a pain. But past the rock the proposed track looks pretty easy digging again, and we reckon the big rock is just sitting on the surface, so we hope to jack it out of the way and mosey on.

Of course, six months later, when you are riding along the track, you won't even notice or realise the efforts that went into making the track, but that's why we do it! That said we never say no to extra assistance.

We've got three additional tracks on the go at the moment, two of Ali's traverses and another top to bottom track that will probably go from the Skills Area to Scollywood.

Anyhow, that's about sums up the Dig Day, lots of hard word, well earned metres gained on our tracks and a whole lot of fun and trash talking. Now onto the important stuff...

The Muur and AliTrack are both open for riding now - they are still a couple of areas we are working on, plus the trail corridor still needs knocking back in a couple of places, but it's all completely rideable. AliTrack was built as a climbing track and we ask that you respect the wish of the trailbuilders. Handily, the Muur is only a couple of minutes away and can be ridden in either direction. It's been close to two years in the making but we now have two tracks that connect the lower and upper track networks - no more nasty drive, well unless you want to! Today for the first time since we started trail building that I was able to ride over 25kms and not use the drive at all. Great stuff!

Here are a few photos of what you can expect at Haven.

Reclining on Frank'N'Furter.
Arty Farty Shot.
Natives going gang-busters on the River Track.
Another Arty Farty Shot.
Skills Area - Are you game?
Anti Disestablishment.
Lounging on Anti Disestablishment.
Camouflage Bike on AliTrack.
Four Track Intersection.
Eagles Nest.
Project G.
Horsing around on the Packhorse.
Bye Bye Pine Forest.
McQueens Valley.
The Muur.

We hope to see you out over Summer.
May your wheels remain forever true.

Mr Haven.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Dig Day

Spring has officially sprung and we have seen rampant growth, lots of native birds, and the orchards are starting to flower, typically we have also seen plenty of rain and sun and a couple of cold snaps.

Plenty of work has been happening to prepare the park for a long summer of riding.

All but two tracks have been cut and sprayed - Yay!
The trail corridor has been opened on all the tracks - Yay!
The old tracks are all in good order - Yay!
The new tracks are seasoning well - Yay!
The natives are growing fast and strong - Yay!
We are building new tracks are extraordinary speeds - Yay!

Ali has gone to extraordinary lengths to finish off his track, including building a bridge and getting over it! We now have a bridge accross the creek to allow access to Fenceline and then on to AliTrack - it looks and rides great! No more wet feet!

We've also smartened up the wet corner by the waterfall on Fenceline.

Work is commencing very quickly on the Ali Traverse Track (2) which is branching off Ali Track and making it's way down to the Skills Area, we've had a preliminary bush bash and it looks like it will be another amazing track predominantly in regenerating native bush. We're benched 100m of track or so and are  finishing off our first set of corners and hope to avoid any more corners until we get closer to the end of the track.

Here's an impression of how it's been going.

Before Shot:

Initial Bush Bash - Clear Trail Corridor: 

Initial Benching:

The next steps after this are:
Finishing touches on benching
Seasoning (couple of months of wind, rain and sun)
Cut back trail corridor and spray.

We are looking forward to more trail development and planting and having a lot more visitors over the next season of riding. Come out and have some fun at Haven.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Dig Day

Another month has passed us by, and we've been busy as bees and the weather has been rather spring like.

Foggy in Christchurch???? muhahahahahahaaaa
The short version is that we have finished benching The Muur, which is a pleasant climbing track that will also be a fun downhill cutting out the need to slog up the drive (unless that's what you are into.)

We also finished AliTrack, a kilometre long climbing track with a staggering 35 corners, hand-built by Ali.

We have also given Chicken Run between the two new tracks a tickle up too, the first in the 7 years since we have built it.

Both new tracks will be ready for this Summer - w00t!!

Here's some stunning photos of The Muur and then I'l bore you with the longer version.

Here's the corner as we left it last time

Here's the corner now, much better, just needs some love with a rock breaker!

The top of The Muur!

Here are some photos of the freshly tickled up Chicken Run

So now the longer version.

The Muur
It's cut and benched but no riding please, you are welcome to walk on it, the edges are fresh and we still need to take a scrub-bar down to clear the trail, we also need to get a rock breaker in to a couple of corners and generally let the trail bed down and season, it's a stunner and I'm really pleased with both the speed and ease of which the trail was built.

We are progressively working down the track, tidying up a few traverses and finishing up the corners. This track is not to be ridden yet either please. We still need to take a scrub bar down on the trail corridor, but you are welcome to walk on it, stay off the berms, they need to sleep. The trail is coming along very nicely and hardening beautifully. Ali is working hard on drainage plans and it's just amazing how good it feels to be in the gully - damn it's a long track!

So what's next?
We will be getting a digger in soonish, to finish the River Track, Ali has grand plans for a track to the ford at the 4WD Track from the middle of AliTrack and then another climbing track that may start in the Skills Area and pop up into Scollywood.

Well that's us for August, we still got plenty to do and plenty of fun to be had. Come out and be part of it.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven