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Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Dig Day

Another great day at Haven MTB Park, Christchurch's very own intermediate level boutique mountain bike park nestled on Banks Peninsula.

All regular trail builders (except me!) were having a well deserved day off, although Allister did come out on Friday to work on his secret trail, as he said he couldn't leave it for a week. 

In typical Allister style, what seemed to be quite a big job (a singletrack trail from the bottom of the land up to the top across a gully in one of the valleys on our hill) has been reduced in no time with hard work and determination. The trail line has been found through the scrub and work has begun on the corners to see if they work - once this has been finalised, the connecting bench and general widening of the trail corridor will commence. Great stuff Allister.

However we did have a bunch of new members keen to chip in and to test out the trails come on out. A digger free weekend, so we can catch up on the hand finishing, plus with all the fine weather, the trail corridor needed a good trim.

We spent a fair bit of time of the River Track Extension getting a ride line through and getting the corners ready for the Berm Queen, then on to Frank'n'Furter, fixing up some holes left by the neighbour hares and trimming back the growth, plus raking out the freshly dug bench that completes the gap that we had in the trail. But boy it was hot work and I didn't want to wear out everyone before they had the chance to go for a ride.

A fun couple of laps, although my recent full time riding on the road bike seems to have made me a muppet on the mtb - oh well. 

After a quick lunch it was back on the scrub cutter, cutting back the side growth on Anti Disestablishment, Mrs Haven was back from her ride by now and she was spraying Frank'n'Furter. AYUNC also got it's first cut back and it's looking sweet and fast again. Fred & River Track (from the Other End) had their first trim of the grass.

New signage is going up for the new tracks and a fresh coat of paint on some of the arrows that get baked in the sun! Mr & Mrs Haven are happy to show you around if you aren't sure where to go.

Going through some photos for a new poster coming out soon, I was amazed at how much stuff has grown, see if you can recognise the tracks.


We are getting plenty of visitors at the moment and we are always keen for more, if you want to come out for a ride, please make contact now!

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Typical Ride

We often get asked what's a typical ride like at Haven MTB Park, Christchurch's very own intermediate level boutique mountain bike park nestled on Banks Peninsula.

Well it's a curious question as it's entirely up to you, how you feel and what you want to do...

This is a fairly typical loop for me at present - there are a few more tracks that I didn't do but this gives you an idea.

So as I can, I started from home and did:
Along Chicken Run -> Scollywood to the 4WD Track and back to the house as a nice warm up.
Up TearDrop, Down C1
Up TearDrop, along and down Zig&Zag, along ScollyWood to the 4WD Track back to Chicken Run
Up C1, down the Berm of Doom, continue up C1, down TearDrop
Down the Drive
Down Project G
Along the Road down to the Caravan to follow the sign posted Loop
Along Paddock Racer, Up Anti Disestablishment, onto FrankNFurter, River Track, Ssh Track (x2)
Then the other way (x2)
Up to the end of AYUNC and back down
Along Ssh Track, River Track, FrankNFurter, Fenceline to the end and back to connect to Anti Disestablishment, back to Caravan, up the road, check out Fred, up and around Project G
Grovel up the Drive.

Still plenty that I missed out, but this covers everything that is riding well as a loop, and a smattering of the new stuff that currently dead ends.

Each month there is more and more track added to as well.

Plus fun and adventure being developed in the Skills Area.

So you can see, you can do as much or as little as you want. Mr & Mrs Haven are happy to give you a tour or directions for the first few times until you get the network under the belt.

Hope to see you soon
Mr Haven