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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visitors A Plenty

So we have been actively marketing Haven MTB Park and calling for new members over the last couple of months. As a result we have had a heap of people come out and try us out.

 Just under 50 people have come out for a ride this month and it was great to show off our trails and to see the grins on people's faces as they enjoyed themselves. So it's been a pretty busy month.

A couple of schools, a bunch of night riding groups, and a lot of friends of club members as well as locals and the odd tourist have come out for a  hoon.

Particularly with a lot of the Port Hills tracks out of action with the earthquakes, we are more than happy for groups to come and ride at Haven MTB Park. People are always able to try us out at one of our monthly dig days, and to "try before you buy" options.


Community groups, schools, tourists and large groups are welcome to ride at Haven, please contact us on to make a time.

 Membership is very reasonable, lasts for a year and it all goes into making new tracks, maintaining our existing tracks and planting a bunch of natives. Come and help at 2 Dig Days and next year's membership is FREE!

May Your Wheels Remain Forever True.
Mr Haven

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Dig Day

It was a fair weather day for our Dig Day. A number of events on so we didn't expect too many people to come out, so Lisa and I got stuck into refining some of the berms of Anti Disestablishment that after traffic have told us they needed some tweaking.

We had some great success extending and shaping the berms, we moved on to some of the berms on the flat on Frank'n'Furter. A great issue we had is that you can carry a heap of speed from the big berm and we needed to bank up the catcher berm to keep the speed up. Initially I had thought that these berms would be just for show.

Yay for diggers being able to leave great big mounds of dirt all over the place that we can come back and use as a quarry for a wheel barrow and a couple of shovels!

Just after we finished putting a bit more dirt on the culvert and a mini berm, we were about to call it a day, my arm was pretty sore, Jon and Sean turned up "just in time" for a helping hand.

We decided to go for a hoon first and try out the new sections then head up it to do some tidying up at the top tracks.

The boys had a lap while I got ready and hooned back down. I hurried a bit too much, as I came back without my helmet, so I went slowly. Jon had exacerbated a leg injury from too much riding (!!) so I did a hot lap with Sean and then as the boys went home I did a few more laps.

A great feeling to have the trails bedded in nicely.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Next Dig Day 11 February

It's the second Saturday of the Month and it's a Dig Day.

Meet at the car bay - follow the pink arrows from the Haven sign.

Any time from 10am.

If you don't know where we are, email for a map

On the cards for this Dig Day:
  1. Hand sculpting big beautiful berms
  2. General Trail maintenance
  3. Planting and releasing of natives.

Stay for as long or as short as you want.
Bring a bike and some food/drink.

We've had lots of new riders enjoying the rails, so help spread the word. If you want to ride at Haven, contact us to make a time to try us out!