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Saturday, December 19, 2009

October - December 2009

The three Dig Days between October and December had a number of outcomes. Thanks to the effective use of the Digger we have finished the rough cut, but rideable, version of Eagles Nest. We have also discovered the entrance of the Miners track (more a road) and have made great progress re-opening this old track, the bench is quite impressive. We reckon we are about 1/3 to 1/2 way along. Once completed, we will be able to bike from one side of the property to the other, plus open the way for the climbing and swooping downhill track in this location.

Shailer has almost finished his SSH Track and Lisa has worked hard on her corner and spraying back recent growth. The plants we received from ECan and Trees for Canterbury are doing well, and the releasing led by Lisa has been successful. Alistair has been working hard on his track, which will give a nice singletrack option up to Eagles Nest.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

20 September 2009

The day breaks and it's another cracker, a bit more of an Easterly than normal and as per the weather forecast it freshened! We had a new family pop out - Jason with Amy and Emma, as well as the usual suspects... Scolly has arranged for his project team to assemble to start planning on the Skills Area development, but as a warm-up Shailer makes everyone work on the first corner of C1, which is only rideable by those gifted with extra legs or lung capacity. An hour soon made short work of it. Thanks to the rock breaker softening and widening the radius, there is a better turning platform and we raised the entrance and lowered the exit. Great stuff, now for a bit of well timed rain and more sun and it will be rideable in no time.


After a short break, the lads got on their bikes to have a gander at the new track extension made by digger at the hands of Colin and Shailer on the Eagles Nest. Lisa rounded up everyone else and loaded the quad bike with trees for planting in the River Track. Shailer led the lads through the Chicken Run, 4WD extension, and then a short steep climb up the 4WD track to the start of Eagles Nest. Colin was explaining the good work he had done on the 4WD track, including the turning bay. We then progress up the Eagles Nest and it's all good, another magpie is waiting for its doom in the trap, we said goodbye to two last night. We then let Percy off the leash and he careens down the 4WD track. We all follow and soon enough with brakes squealing and rotors burning we all arrive safely at the bottom. A small and tantalising diversion, on foot, (with great protest) to view the Secret Track. We spy Amy riding across the river to us. We then do a couple of hot laps of River Track and then sit down for a bit of planning for the Skills Area.


It's all looking good and should be a great summer of riding, digger action and maintenance. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and we hope to see you on the trails soon.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

12-13 September 2009

The glorious weather continued through the weekend and Colin has moved copious amounts of dirt to extend the Eagles Nest track to an awesome 252m. There are plenty of nice corners, wiggles, dips and the odd giant berm. One more weekend session and the Eagles Nest will be completed. We believe we have also found the old benched track that heads around the front of the mine shaft, which we will re-open to give us access to the next two areas we wish to build on.

Alistair also came out on Sunday to continue to work on the Long Cut and he and Lisa did a great job at the entrance to the trail in the time they had to give.


We were a bit tired to go for the planned night riding over the weekend, but Shailer rode all the trails on Monday and the newly created work on the Eagles Nest is good to ride and will only improve when the softer spots harden up after a rain and summer.

Friday, September 11, 2009

11 September 2009

Another gorgeous spring's day, no wind and a school visit to Haven. We had 11 year 12 students and 3 teachers pop over for a bit of riding, trail building and bike maintenance.

Thanks to Darren for setting it up, we hope to see more of you and your classes over the years.

The "groms" moved two of our water containers to the top of the hills in preparation for irrigating our natives over summer.

While one group was riding, the other was working on the double berm section on the as yet unnamed 4wd extension track, and after lunch they worked on the rock garden which is now rideable for all skill levels.

Thanks to Colin and Lisa for giving up part of their day to help out.

Shailer and Colin enjoyed riding the tracks at the end of the day, after parking the digger at the start of the Eagles Nest for a weekend of digger action.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

8 August 2009

Another fine day and Alistair got stuck into his track straight away, the rest of us finished up the good work that was almost completed on the corners from last session. It was good to see the Allen family pop out and see the progress and we managed to touch up a heap of areas. We also had a visit from some pals from Lisa's work, they had a spin on their bikes and managed to get all the way up to Eagles Nest looking for us. At the end of the session we all went for a hoon down to the River Track to ride the berms and whoop dee doos.


It is very pleasing to state that we now have a rideable trail to the 4WD Track, which gives access to Eagles Nest (not finished yet) or down down down the speedy 4WD track to the trails near the Creek, which have seasoned really well over winter and riding extremely well. The River Track will eventually wind it's way back to the start of Chicken Run, but for now it's the "road" (un-metalled, single lane dirt) and that in itself is a fun ride back to Haven and Chicken Run.

Shailer has been working on his Secret Track and he is very pleased with the progress, with it being about 75% complete. This is the first track he has built from start to finish.

The last weekend of August, which was unseasonably warm, saw Lisa and Shailer plant the remaining plants we have had donated - the ECan EEF (Environmental Enhancement Fund) grant, the allocation from Trees from Canterbury, and the numerous donations from Deb & Lindsay, The Library guys, Lisa's mum, Dave & Lou, and our neighbour Lou. Thank you all very much. We were keen to get everything in the ground before spring took too much hold, requiring us to irrigate more than we would like. We were stoked to have it completed and they all look pretty happy, and to top it off, we had a great patch of rain the following Monday to help them on their way.


So there are only a few spots left to tidy up or fine tune as we learn how to build better and better trail, by the beginnings of Summer, we should have a good network for riding bedded in, and a have a heap of new tracks on the drawing board or commenced to get stuck into over next Winter. Scolly is pulling together a team to plan for the construction of our Skills Area, which we hope to get started pretty soon.

We are probably going to look at Summer as a maintenance period as opposed to hardcore digging, so that everyone gets to ride too!

Stay tuned.

We look forward to riding with you all over Summer. Come and be part of the Haven experience.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

18 July 2009

Another session of touching up areas, particularly corners, in the existing loop, and the club hired a rock breaker to get at those hard to reach places. Alistair has been doing a great job at dealing to the rockier sections at Haven with his trusty cold chisel, however we needed to open up a lot of corners and we were keen to see what a rock breaker could do.

We are pleased to say that the rock breaker is awesome and we have gotten rid of a number of protruding rocks and derailleur killers and have widened all of the corners, particularly the off-camber rock which should make the riding more accessible for all skill levels. Shailer spent about 20 hours over the weekend attacking rock and whilst he was as beaten as many of the rocks, its much faster than a bar and a sledgehammer. Thanks to Craig for coming out and getting stuck into the corners with the rest of the usual suspects, they are starting to really shape up. It was good to see Marty come out and lend a hand, he had a lot of fun on the rock breaker. Thanks again to HirePool Hornby for looking after us, you guys rock! (hur hur.)


Alistair has been coming out more regularly and has completed the benching on 4wd extension, and is now getting his teeth stuck into the Long Cut, which will be a meandering trail that takes you up to Eagles Nest, the short cut is to take the 4WD Track.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

14 June 2009

After a misty day all of Saturday, Sunday turned out to be beautiful. Clear sky, sun shining, no wind. Alistair turned up at 9am as usual, with Justin arriving half an hour later.

We all got stuck into the chicken run extension (naming rights anyone???) and managed to push it through to meet up with the quad bike track (formerly known as the 4WD track). Absolutely awesome work by everyone! The track needs a bit more benching and grooming with Colin's section still under development, but it is looking fantastic.

In the week since we got the trees from the ECan grant (all 547 of them!) we have managed to plant about 100 of them. If anyone wants to come out and help plant some trees at any point, let us know. The sooner we get them in, the quicker we will be biking through native bush.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

March to May 2009

Over the last few months we had a number of dig days that got rained out, or were just short on numbers.

But, trees were planted, more progress was made on the River Track and lots of work has been undertaken on the Perimeter Track - especially by a few burly men and a strong woman taking on a rock!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

15 February 2009

To the tune of "Hot Summer Night" by Meatloaf...

It was a hot summers day and the broom was growing
There was sweat pouring out of my head
When I squeezed the throttle the blade started spinning
I heard the sound of the digger cutting through the hot still air

Anyway... it was way too hot for work so we (Lisa, Alistair and I) headed down to the valley and watched Colin building the river track with the digger (yes, he was grinning like a little boy). Shailer was doing a great job of supervising.

All in all it was a productive day and the River Track is started to take form.