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Sunday, November 01, 2015

October Update

Just a quickie, as the month is flying by, just like last month.

Ali and I finished our touching up on Zig and Zag, Scollywood, Chicken Run, C1, The Climb, Zephyr, Fred, Gold Valley Challenge, From Trees to Sky, The Long Cut and Ssh Track. Phew, no wonder I'm tired.

We also sprayed all the tracks bar Miners Track, Eagles Nest and the 4WD Track, we will get to them shortly. 

Lots of work on the trail corridor.

Coming up a new track called Squeeze on In and three more bridges.

Stay tuned on updates and photos on our Facebook page 

The place is riding really well, so you should come out and play!

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Thursday, October 01, 2015

September Update

So heaps happening at Haven with spring and summer days starting to show their heads - this of course means that the grass and verdant natives are start to encroach on the trail corridor.

We built five new tracks over this year and they are all OPEN for business now - please be careful on them, as the edges will pack down over the next couple of seasons and the corners as well. As they bed in we will widen some of the tighter corners. It's a ongoing process, so take it easy to start and have a blast.

We have an extended starter loop which is now 3 km's long and is super fun in either direction. This is now marked by lots of arrows!

There are two rock fords on the Zephyr which can be ridden by confident riders, we will be bridging these and one more to allow for a dry feet loop all year round!

The Muur has two rocky corners that can be ridden by confident riders, but will require a rock breaker to deal to them, we have had a couple of goes by hand but it's all a bit much for us. We hope to have this completed by the end of October.

Ali and I have been working hard on tweaking and giving some love to the trails. Our neighbour Lou has also kindly planted 200 natives and I have planted 100 Manuka and 12 Gums for a woodlot.

I have sprayed most of the tracks that need it - a whopping 16 knapsacks of spray with only Eagles Nest and Miners Track that are overdue for spraying - getting to it! There are now two new tracks to get up there, both a lot easier and fun than the existing 4WD Track (the Short Cut,) you can access the Long Cut from the end of Scollywood and From Trees to Sky at the junction of Scollywood and Gold Valley Challenge

We are also dealing with the pesky broom and pine overhanging onto the tracks, as well as our baby natives, which is a kind of nice, kind of sad to be pruning them back! Our natives are starting to have babies too, which is super awesome!

Chicken Run is populated again, so say hi as you blast past, they are pretty sociable beasties.

There is a lot more signage about the park, thanks to Ali and I hope to have a new and improved map out in the not too distant future as well.

So what we want, what we really really want, is for some more wheel marks bedding in the tracks and having fun with the trolls under the bridges. Come on out and have some fun at Haven.

Contact us to join and/or ride.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

August Update

A changeable month weather wise, as always, lots of rain, a bit of sun, slowly warmer and then a cold snap that brings a lot of snow, but that hasn't slowed us down at all!

We have finished From Wood to Sky, we connected up and finished up the new digger built section of The Longest Cut, we have tidied up The Gold Valley Challenge and The Muur, as well as general clearing of storm debris of most of the tracks on the park.

We have also built the two bridges on The Zephyr, so everything is looking good for the summer opening of the five new tracks we have made and for the rest of the park looking great for another summer of cycling at Haven.

We are about to plant another couple of hundred natives and commence the spraying on tracks so that the pesky grass stays at bay.

We had close to 50 walkers from the over-50s tramping club help to bed down the new tracks, which has been great, and a few more visitors coming out in between the frequent wet breaks.

Come on out and lend a hand to get the park spick and span for summer and to do some more trail building.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Friday, July 31, 2015

July Update

Well silly Mr Haven managed to break another rib, so he has had a rather quiet month of July - no digging allowed.

But, Ali has pretty much completed From Wood to Sky, I would guess there is about 20m of track to build and then the usual method of going back and tidying up and then seasoning. With luck this track will also be ready to open with the other new tracks in Spring. Exciting stuff!!

Enjoy some pictures and soak in the hard work that Ali has put into this super fun track.

We still have a heap of new tracks to build and lots of planting and other crazy ideas.

We are still open over winter, except with the weather is not playing ball, you can always tell if we are open on our website.

See you out on the trails.
Mr Haven

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

June Update

Another month has zoomed by and lots of work has been completed.

The Muur has had it's finishing touches completed and is seasoning for Winter in preparation for a Spring re-opening.

The Climb aka AliTrack has had a few corners touched up and a bit of work done and is still open for riding.

The Gold Valley Challenge has been finished and is seasoning for Winter in preparation for a Spring re-opening.

The Longest Cut has had both ends connected by Scott and his Little Yellow Digger from T5 Contracting, there is still a bit of finsihing work to be done but this should be open by Spring.

The Zephyr is seasoning well and we should be opening it soon, we just need to finish the two bridges.

Eagles Nest has had the berms reworked and finished and will be riding and rolling well soon.

I hope to be able to cut down the pesky pine that is blocking AYUNC Track soon.

The rest of the tracks are looking and riding well, we will get in and spray the remaining tracks soon so that spring growth will be well under control.

Ali is working hard on his new track From Wood to Sky and I wouldn't be surprised if this is finished by Spring also, he has a few more tracks in his repertoire as well!

We will be planting a whole bunch of natives on the Eagles Nest in the next month or so.

Come out and lend a hand or just check out the trails.

And a few piccys from the work on the Longest Cut


May your wheels remain ever true
Mr Haven

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Update

Well Autumn just seemed to keep on giving,  a bit more rain and a bit more cold, but a surprisingly amount of warm sunny days! And just to rub it in, when Christchurch shivers under a frost we are at least 5C warmer, but we do get snowed in most years (but that's fun to ride/run in as well.)

We've been busy preparing the park for winter, many of the trails have been sprayed and the trail corridor is cut back, we will get to the rest over the next month or two.

After I broke a rib, Ali and Iain have done a sterling job finishing the Gold Valley Challenge and have now also completed the remedial work on the Muur. Next up will be the remedial work on AliTrack aka the Climb aka Passo Del Stelvio. After this we will bash through the two traverses that branch off AliTrack

The signs are getting a new paint job and plenty of plans are afoot for new tracks and finishing the other half finished digger built tracks.

Here are a couple of quick and dirty videos of the new tracks:

The Gold Valley Challenge

The Zephyr

Trees for Canterbury have continued to support our regeneration plan with another couple of hundred trees to put into a few locations to supplement existing plantings and to start the long, steady battle of shading out the broom. Thanks guys, if you ever need some native plants, they have quality stock at great prices.

Many of the tracks will be fine over winter and as long as it's not pouring down the park will be OPEN - stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter or the website for updates.

If you are looking for some cycling adventures check out The Flahute Presents

Come and give some trail karma, help out or join up.
Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Update

Autumn is here - lovely colours have entered the valley and some real rain, perhaps the first of the year, which was very welcome.

We've been busy as well - Gold Valley Challenge has been benched and all the bends have been cut, and Ali and the Road Gang are now charging up the trail making the finishing touches. It's looking great and should be an immensely fun uphill/downhill. The track is on track for opening in October 2015.

Also after a two year hiatus, the team from T5 Contracting and the little yellow digger were back in action at Haven. We managed to finish up the last leg of the now named Zephyr track, which completes an entirely off road loop at Haven, ducking and diving beside the creek. It's looking superb, we have two rock bridge river crossings and we still need to build two bridges for creek crossings. The track is closed until Spring to allow it to season.

With the onset of winter, we will be doing some tidying up on The Muur and AliTrack, as well as planting out more natives.

There are a number of other tracks on the cards as well, it great to be part of this experience.

The weather station is back up and running, but with Winter we will be managing entry onto the tracks, and closing a few of the newer tracks to allow them to bed in nicely.

But as always, there is plenty to do and ride year round, come out and help and ride.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March update

Another month has whisked past, the days are getting shorter and it's a bit cooler, we are getting some very welcome moisture but summer is still lingering which is great.

We've almost finished the corners and the benching on the Gold Valley Challenge and we will have 90% of the track to 90% level, we are well on track to have the track all go for spring!

Then it's a winter of tweaking the Muur and AliTrack and finishing a connecting track between AliTrack and The GVC.

Ali is also plotting another track to connect Scollywood to the top of the 4WD Track.

We are also going to plant a heap of natives over winter and clear some space for some more woodlots.

We will also be having the Little Yellow Digger and the team from T5 Contracting  in mid April for some new trails to be cut.

It's been super to see so many new people (and old) out playing at Haven, help spread the word.

Come out and have some fun at Haven.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Monday, February 23, 2015

February Update

Here's another update.

It's been super to see some many new people out trying the tracks, it's cool to hear the laughter of people having fun and the odd ruh-roh sound as someone is giving it a go and has pushed their limits!

Please keep spreading the word, we love to see all those new tyre tracks on our trails.

We are progressing strongly on the Gold Valley Challenge - with only corner left to build out of 21 (from memory), then a couple of long traverses and then we have the long job of finalising and tidying up. We will be putting a big call out in March to give a hand pushing through these last traverses - many hands make light work!

Whilst we love summer, we are certainly looking forward to the change of seasons that will allow us to get the machines that make sparks out to tidy up, We have a tree down blocking AYUNC and Miners Track has a bit of long grass at the moment. We are planning to get to these in the next couple of weeks.

Over winter we hope to get a rock breaker into The Muur and deal to those pesky rocky corners, we will also be widening a number of corners on AliTrack - but we will still leave it as a suitable challenge.

We are also expecting the little yellow digger and the crew from T5 Contracting in March and there are cunning plans afoot to get some existing tracks finished and connected to the wider network. w00t - it's all coming together nicely!

We will leave you with some great photos on the Gold Valley Challenge and of our sturdy and stalwart trail  builder Ali that were taken last Saturday.

Until next time, may you wheels remains forever true
Mr Haven