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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

January Update

Hola - we've been busy beating back Spring, and working on the existing trail network. 2017 is shaping up to be a consolidation year, after seven new tracks being built over the last 18 months.

We recently had Scott from T5 Contracting out with his Little Yellow Digger tidying up a lot of track, and realigning a couple of spots after trees came down.

We've almost finished spraying the main network and then we will expand this to the remaining tracks that have a couple of pines blocking the track.

It's all shaping up nicely, come out and play!

Here is a cool video of a recent ride around some of the tracks we have.

We have a Bed & Breakfast through AirBnB for a reasonable rate, so you can ride, rest, and ride again!
Book here >> >

Now that summer is finally here, look good, show off your guns and help out the club with your very own Haven Tee, you can choose from a variety of colours.
Grab one here >>>

And lastly here are some recent pics of the place, come out and play.

May your wheels remain forever true.
Mr Haven

Thursday, December 01, 2016

November Update

Hi Folks

Life has gotten in the way of regular updating on the site, but don't be fooled into thinking nothing is happening!

The tracks and trees are both growing!

At the moment we are fighting the initial spring growth, so be patient as we cut back the trail corridor, spray the grass and scrub cut the top slope. Haven is very fertile which makes spring a challenge.

We have a couple of trees down blocking Zig & Zag and Eagles Nest, but we should have them cleared up asap. The rest of the network is running well and there are no issues.

There are a couple of new tracks Give it a Go and Pork Pie, and a couple more in the pipeline....

There's always a reason to come and ride at Haven.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Haven MTB Park Tee Shirts

Haven MTB Park Tees

Look cool, help us celebrate our 10th birthday and contribute to more trails!

See how Bob is transformed into an uber cool singletracker just by wearing the shirt!!”
Available in a selection of colour!

Caribbean Blue 

Green Apple     

Heather Blue 

Heather Grey   

Heather Purple      

Mandarin Orange 

Pink (womens sizing)

Spring Yellow 

$40 including P&P anywhere in New Zealand.
Orders close on 6th June.

What you have to do:
1. You must prepay in full to the McQueens Valley Mountainbike Club (Inc.) - 38 9005 0381982 00
Please put your name and Haven Tee in the reference.

2. Check out your sizing with this sizing chart.

SIZING - MENS   S             M           L             XL           2XL         3XL
WIDTH (CM)       46           51           56           61           66           71
HEIGHT (CM)      71           74           76           79           81           84

SIZING - LADIES  S             M           L             XL           2XL
WIDTH (CM)       43           48           53           58           64
HEIGHT (CM)      64           66           69           71           75

3. Send us an email to with a physical address for us to post your tee, your name, the quantity, colour[s] and your size[s]. Please please be specific.

4. Sit back and relax and expect your flash new tee in the week starting 27th June.

Thanks to Bob for sorting this all out. :-)

Happy Trails
Mr Haven 

Friday, May 13, 2016

February - April Update

So I've been a bit slack on the web front and the digging front - Mr Haven has been officially banned from digging until he gets his dodgy digits fixed. But the park is looking and riding really well.

Ali and I scoped out a new track - Give it a Go - and you will see I took some preliminary photos, he has continued on, of course, and has pretty much finished it!!

The long long long long autumn has meant that whilst we are dry, the riding is super. The great news is that the new loop should be fairly winter-proof particularly with the new bridges across the creek in place taking away the biggest hazard.

Lots of exciting plans to come to fruition shortly. It's our ten year birthday in 13 days, so stay tuned on Facebook and here for lots of information and fun stuff.

It's annual subs time, $15 for an individual, $20 for a family for a WHOLE year's access to the park!

Check out the awesome drone video footage of parts of the park - it's looking super!

Video One:

Video Two:

Here be some photos of the place as well.

Don't forget we have a B&B&B and it will be open all winter too! Mr Haven is happy to take people round the park if needed as well. Check it out here >>

See you soon
Mr Haven