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Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Dig Day

Winter whilst wet this season has and continues to be great for digging.

However, the last couple of weekends have been perfectly dry, no wind or rain, the dirt has been fluffy and the spades have been flying through the air,  saws and loppers singing.

Other than the usual chores, we have had a couple of trees down across the tracks that have now been tidied up thanks to Col and his plethora of chainsaws. Grass has been beaten back down to submission and it's super to see a multitude of tyre tracks adorning the tracks.

We have also had great success with our hand built trail building. AliTrack is pretty much done, we are letting it season for a bit before going back and installing some drains and a wee bit more work on some corners. But all that finishing work can wait for a month or so.

We have also made the decision to complete The Muur which we started with the digger but will finish by hand. We've used our experience and a lot of luck to build a lot of great track in such a short amount of time.

Here are a few shots of progress. Doesn't it look superb!

Ali working hard on the corner that transitions from digger built track to hand built!

Here are a few teaser shots of one of the traverses, nice and long with plenty of interest and scenery!

Here are a few before and after shots - all in an afternoon's work!

1. Breaking out of a corner - cutting through the vine and trees and bramble

2. Traversing - thataway somewhere...

3. More and More Traversing - definitely thadaway!

4. Traversing - she just keeps on keeping on

5 - Still Traversing - but we had to bluff our way past this cliff (geddit?? hur hur)

And then we bust out of the broom and into the woodlot just around the bend is the site for the corner

Corner! Hard to believe that 3 hours earlier this was all big ugly gorse and millions of horrible vines to cut through - it will be a corner in another week or so and you will be riding it in a couple of months.

And that ends this month's picture show - we hope you enjoyed. Come out and give us an hour or so of your time, you certainly appreciate trails after helping out!

We are quietly confident that we will have both The Muur and AliTrack ready to go for Summer - giving us two great options to connect the Upper and Lower Trail networks.

Check us out
Mr Haven

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Club Visit

We managed to squeeze in what will probably be the last group visit in for the season.

With the recent deluges and high water table, conditions were fairly greasy but we still enjoyed the visit from the South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club.

The tracks held up well and although there were a few off and a bit of lack of traction, it looked like much fun was had.

A brisk start on Paddock Racer

A brisk start on Paddock Racer

Thankfully the recent weather has dried up the Park nicely, but winter is supposedly coming again this week - hopefully it's just cold weather and not wet weather.

Remember schools and clubs ride free.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Sunday, June 01, 2014

What's it all about then.....

Haven Mountain Bike Park is a not for profit boutique intermediate level cycling destination nestled in Banks Peninsula, Christchurch.

In the eight years of its conception, just over 21 kilometres of track have been built, either by hand or with small diggers. And we’ve got a heap more planned too!

In hand with the trail building we are regenerating the land, with over 3,000 natives planted to date, this is supplementing the existing regeneration of natives, and the explosion of native birds has been awesome to watch.

We’ve worked hard at making the tracks accessible for new people to the sport and have a lot of fun features, our big beautiful berms are a feature and a significant point of difference.

Access is via membership of the McQueens Valley Mountain Bike Club, we have charitable status and completely not for profit. Membership is $15 for a year’s access, $20 for a family.

You are welcome to try before you buy.

Community Groups and Schools can use the park at no cost.

The Club has monthly Dig Days on the second Saturday,  come and help us build the trails. 
Help out at 2 Dig Days and membership is FREE!

If you find the Port Hills too hard and McLeans Island too easy, we’re the place for you.
 Experienced people can also enjoy the tracks, there are hidden features and they just go faster!!!

May your wheels remain forever true.
Mr Haven.

Monday, March 31, 2014

School's Out

We have four schools and two community groups come and out and visit Haven MTB Park which we love. Schools and community groups can use Haven MTB for free!
We offer intermediate level mountain bike tracks and space to teach and relax for all abilities.

Here is a wee story from a school visit we had in between two major weather patterns in March. Not the best time to visit, but fun was still had!

For this year’s Y10 Sports development camp we opted to park at the entrance to mtb haven and cycle in up the steep access road. I  was at first concerned that the boys would struggle with this challenge, but in fact it turned out to be good warm-up where they could get a feel for their bikes before tackling the technical terrain. Many jerseys were shed at the top of the access road, with few comprehending that riding would be much colder on the downhill!
Due to time constraints, our primary track of use was “Anti Disestablishment”. This is excellent introduction to the pleasures of mountain biking and the boys enjoyed the ride immensely. It gives an opportunity to practice corners effectively, taking advantage of banked turns. It also offers a forgiving introduction into gear-selection, where adjusting gears is beneficial, but not absolutely essential for the relatively gentle climbs.
Many boys were apprehensive about stream crossings, but quickly discovered that if you keep on peddling you should get over without getting too wet. One teacher (SMD) managed to take a wrong turn on the final stream crossing and continued riding down-stream instead of up the opposite bank, but otherwise all got through the course without any mishaps.
The skills area is a fun meeting/waiting spot and a few boys tried the “Board Walk”, though it was a little slippery in the damp conditions.
All-in-all a great complex for introductory mountain-biking. One boy who does a lot of road cycling and had never been off-road was completely converted and on the trip home was musing on how he would break to news to Mr Searle, his road-cycling trainer.

Contact us to make a time and discuss how we can help you.

Mr Haven

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Update

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that our rain gauge isn't working on our weather station at the moment, it seems that the spiders that live there in the summer have decided to make it a permanent abode and have killed it - oh well any excuse to upgrade! However our webcam still works, so you can test the forecast!

December was another busy month fighting back nature, particularly with the mix of hot days and wet days which means zoom zoom to nature.

Ali continues to do amazing work on his awesome hand built climbing track, we are now in the final stage of the trail development, benching the line out to riding width and tidying up the corners as we move up the hill. It looks amazing, I can't wait until we ride it. I will post up some before and after photos shortly, so you can see just how far we've come.

The Wood Pigeons are back in force, so keep an eye out for them swooping and crashing through the trees.

All the tracks have been cleared and sprayed by Mrs Haven and her trail pixies, kudos to them, we have to start again now, it's been such a growing season!

We also had out Scott Walker from T5 Contracting to build an easy climbing track so that people can avoid our steep drive to get the awesome Upper Tracks. I was initially a bit dubious as Scott's digger makes our one look big, but after a few hours it was all good. Scott was working a particularly steep and rocky gully which also had a few other surprises, plenty of old man's beard, and tangleweed, the odd pine to tunnel under, plenty of broom and a couple of old fences. The weather also came out to play, but none of this deterred Scott and his wee Yanmar. The rocks were beaten into submission by the mighty Slammer Tool and later by a nice wee hydraulic rock breaker. At the end of the week, we had a pretty tired Scott, a very happy Mr Haven, and a finished intermediate level climbing track that takes us about halfway to the top. Awesomesauce! You should try Scott out for your backyard project (normal sized or haven sized backyards!) We look forward to seeing Scott again to finish up this track and to extend our many cunning plans afoot at Haven - Canterbury's very own intermediate level mountain bike park.

After - we at the red dot, give or take half way!
We're out and about a lot at the moment, so if you want to visit and you're not a club member, please try and give us a bit of notice. One of the benefits of membership is you can ride whenever you please (except when the park is closed.)

Keep up to date with our ramblings in between our blog posts on FaceBook

Happy Trails
Mr Haven