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Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Dig Day

Another month has passed us by, and we've been busy as bees and the weather has been rather spring like.

Foggy in Christchurch???? muhahahahahahaaaa
The short version is that we have finished benching The Muur, which is a pleasant climbing track that will also be a fun downhill cutting out the need to slog up the drive (unless that's what you are into.)

We also finished AliTrack, a kilometre long climbing track with a staggering 35 corners, hand-built by Ali.

We have also given Chicken Run between the two new tracks a tickle up too, the first in the 7 years since we have built it.

Both new tracks will be ready for this Summer - w00t!!

Here's some stunning photos of The Muur and then I'l bore you with the longer version.

Here's the corner as we left it last time

Here's the corner now, much better, just needs some love with a rock breaker!

The top of The Muur!

Here are some photos of the freshly tickled up Chicken Run

So now the longer version.

The Muur
It's cut and benched but no riding please, you are welcome to walk on it, the edges are fresh and we still need to take a scrub-bar down to clear the trail, we also need to get a rock breaker in to a couple of corners and generally let the trail bed down and season, it's a stunner and I'm really pleased with both the speed and ease of which the trail was built.

We are progressively working down the track, tidying up a few traverses and finishing up the corners. This track is not to be ridden yet either please. We still need to take a scrub bar down on the trail corridor, but you are welcome to walk on it, stay off the berms, they need to sleep. The trail is coming along very nicely and hardening beautifully. Ali is working hard on drainage plans and it's just amazing how good it feels to be in the gully - damn it's a long track!

So what's next?
We will be getting a digger in soonish, to finish the River Track, Ali has grand plans for a track to the ford at the 4WD Track from the middle of AliTrack and then another climbing track that may start in the Skills Area and pop up into Scollywood.

Well that's us for August, we still got plenty to do and plenty of fun to be had. Come out and be part of it.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Update

Well we've been digging regularly all through July on The Muur.

Conditions for digging have being perfect and Ali and I have had the luck/experience/we're just awesome to have chosen a line that has the most amazing soil to dig in and no insurmountable obstacles.

There was a bit of discussion about how to actually get to the finish, but in the end we soldiered on with the existing line and with only a moderate climbing and a fair bit of interest we've managed to pop out a line in Ali's Alley on Chicken Run, I can't think of any thing more fitting really. This should be fun, fast downhill as well.

In the last weekend of July, we have managed to cut a rideable bench along the entire track and we are now working on making it perfect, cutting back the trail corridor and then we will finish the corners.

Ali, as always, has worked tirelessly and diligently to make another amazing and intermediate track.

This track will be ready for Summer, and will mean, no more slogging up the drive! Well, unless you really want to!

I was going to take some photos but like a typical New Zealand day, what was sunny and fine yesterday is grey, wet and cold today.

The rest of the park is weathering winter well. The recent unseasonably warm weather and Nor Westerlies has meant the tracks and roads are all nicely dried out.

Winter Riding Rocks - Go Do It!
Mr Haven

Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Dig Day

Winter whilst wet this season has and continues to be great for digging.

However, the last couple of weekends have been perfectly dry, no wind or rain, the dirt has been fluffy and the spades have been flying through the air,  saws and loppers singing.

Other than the usual chores, we have had a couple of trees down across the tracks that have now been tidied up thanks to Col and his plethora of chainsaws. Grass has been beaten back down to submission and it's super to see a multitude of tyre tracks adorning the tracks.

We have also had great success with our hand built trail building. AliTrack is pretty much done, we are letting it season for a bit before going back and installing some drains and a wee bit more work on some corners. But all that finishing work can wait for a month or so.

We have also made the decision to complete The Muur which we started with the digger but will finish by hand. We've used our experience and a lot of luck to build a lot of great track in such a short amount of time.

Here are a few shots of progress. Doesn't it look superb!

Ali working hard on the corner that transitions from digger built track to hand built!

Here are a few teaser shots of one of the traverses, nice and long with plenty of interest and scenery!

Here are a few before and after shots - all in an afternoon's work!

1. Breaking out of a corner - cutting through the vine and trees and bramble

2. Traversing - thataway somewhere...

3. More and More Traversing - definitely thadaway!

4. Traversing - she just keeps on keeping on

5 - Still Traversing - but we had to bluff our way past this cliff (geddit?? hur hur)

And then we bust out of the broom and into the woodlot just around the bend is the site for the corner

Corner! Hard to believe that 3 hours earlier this was all big ugly gorse and millions of horrible vines to cut through - it will be a corner in another week or so and you will be riding it in a couple of months.

And that ends this month's picture show - we hope you enjoyed. Come out and give us an hour or so of your time, you certainly appreciate trails after helping out!

We are quietly confident that we will have both The Muur and AliTrack ready to go for Summer - giving us two great options to connect the Upper and Lower Trail networks.

Check us out
Mr Haven

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Club Visit

We managed to squeeze in what will probably be the last group visit in for the season.

With the recent deluges and high water table, conditions were fairly greasy but we still enjoyed the visit from the South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club.

The tracks held up well and although there were a few off and a bit of lack of traction, it looked like much fun was had.

A brisk start on Paddock Racer

A brisk start on Paddock Racer

Thankfully the recent weather has dried up the Park nicely, but winter is supposedly coming again this week - hopefully it's just cold weather and not wet weather.

Remember schools and clubs ride free.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven